Where can my bounce house be setup?
Level grassy area is preferred.  Please make sure yard waste including sticks is cleaned up prior to delivery. Bounce house will be staked into ground. Please make sure you pick a location that does not have underground wiring or sprinkler system. If indoor setup or cement please mention when making reservations so sand bags can be brought to tether down bounce house.

How much space is needed?
Depending on the bounce house you are choosing please add additional 3ft on each side. For example 13 X 15 bounce house requires 16 X 18ft space. Space should not clear of tree limbs at least 15 ft from ground.  Also cannot be setup underneath power lines.

How do I make my reservation?
By calling 810-689-7619

Can I save money and pickup the unit myself?
For insurance and liability reasons we do not allow this. We want to follow manufacture guidelines and setup a safe environment for your family and friends.

How much power is needed?
Bounce houses require a standard 110 outlet; must be within 100 feet of inflatable.

Is there a delivery fee also?
Delivery and setup fee varies based on distance and inflatable. Please call for specifics.

What if there is bad weather?
If winds are above 20mph we cannot deliver unit and you will get a full refund.  If you are considering canceling due to rain forecast please call the day before or sooner. If more than 50% chance of rain we will refund your deposit if notified before delivery.  If scattered showers we recommend you keep rental, even if a small shower passes your all day rental will give you lots of time for fun.  BBouncy reserves the right to cancel and refund you if weather looks damaging and unsafe (hail etc).

What is not allowed in the Bounce House?
Food, drinks, and absolutely NO SILLY STRING. Extra charges will apply for extra cleanup. Silly string can cause permanent damage and fines will in the thousands to replace.