I started this business with my family in 2010.   I love celebrating my kids birthdays and found this to be the most inspiring business.   Birthdays and graduations parties are some of the most important times in kids life.   You can guarantee they will remember it with an inflatable!

My children were very helpful getting this business started, my oldest  came up with “B” Bouncy and a lot of other names, but this was the girls favorite.   I told her I first thought of bumble bees but she was thinking about her alphabet.  I increase my inventory based of my kids input.

My latest in 2012 is the Monster truck because my son is just psyched when he sees trucks!   Kids got bigger in (2014) added the Crazy Combo , its a classic great for all ages. Also added 11ft MOVIE SCREEN so you can watch scary or fun family movies outside all night!!

New (2015)  added unique obstacle.  Lastly, this year we added the biggest and scariest unit yet, the wild double lane waterslide!! Fun for all ages.

The year 2017 and adding on as customers enjoy a 62′ Giant Obstacle Run. This will wear out the kiddos. Obstacles dont get much longer than that!